• March 21, 2019
    11:30 am - 1:30 pm

Speaker: Dr. Brad Shuck, Lead Research, LLC

Topic: Current Trend in Retention: Driving Results Through your Employee Value Proposition

A strong, compelling employee value proposition can change everything. It gives meaning, connects with values, and is the heartbeat of your team. A strong EVP will drive retention at every level and impact performance, creativity, and culture. The research is absolutely clear: a resilient EVP can change everything. While EVP remains one the most critical and emerging strategic ideas for human resource leaders today, what is missing from the conversation is an understanding of the psychology behind the phenomenon, including how and why it works, and what leaders can do drive their EVP. Using the latest insights in the decision and behavioral sciences, we’ll talk about how to identify principle-based strategies – rather than prescribed, one-size fits all practices – that define your EVP in ways that impact organizational climate, employee wellbeing, and ultimately influence higher levels of engagement and reduced levels of turnover.

Presentation Learning Objectives:

  • A focus on the transformational power of developing an authentic employee value proposition using the latest advancements in decision-science to drive retention.
  • A deep understanding of the fundamental principles that influence a sustainable, winning employee value proposition.
  • Exploration of the reciprocal relationship between an organization and employees and how an authentic employee value proposition drives turnover and retention in the workplace.

Presentation Is Pending For 1.00 SHRM-Professional Development Recertification Credit and 1.00 HRCI-General Recertification Credit 




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